Skyline view of the city of Birmingham from the new Library of Birmingham with the words 'Open Rights Group Birmingham' written in the sky

Sign Up and Make Open Rights Group Birmingham a Reality

On Saturday, I wrote a post about the positive impact digital technology and the open internet has had on my life and why this has motivated me to set-up an Open Rights Group in my home city of Birmingham to campaign against threats to our digital rights and build support for a digital society that works for the many, not the few.

I’m pleased to say I’ve had a positive response to the post so and it appears there are quite a few people in Birmingham who are interested in helping make an Open Rights Birmingham a genuine thing.

Sign up to help make Open Rights Group happen

Now, the next step is to arrange an Open Rights Group Birmingham meet-up. This will provide a chance for people who are interested in digital rights to get to know each other and decide on what our next steps should be in terms of raising awareness of digital rights.

To help with organising the meet-up, I’ve put together a simple Google Form to capture expressions of interest in helping develop an Open Rights Group in Birmingham. I’d be grateful if you could fill it in so that I can get an idea of who would is able to help.

Thanks again for supporting Open Rights Group Birmingham.

(P.S. I’m aware of the irony of using a Google Form to organise a digital rights group but I think it just adds a nice post-modern layer to our efforts to protect and promote our rights in a digital age.)

Why Digital Rights Matter – Open Rights Group’s Vision for an Open Digital Society

The society we want to see

As society goes digital we wish to preserve its openness. We want a society built on laws, free from disproportionate, unaccountable surveillance and censorship. We want a society in which information flows more freely. We want a state that is transparent and accountable, where the public’s rights are acknowledged and upheld.

We want a world where we each control the data our digital lives create, deciding who can use it and how. We want the public to fully understand their digital rights, and be equipped to be creative and free individuals. We stand for fit-for-purpose digital copyright regimes that promote free expression and diverse participation in culture.

We believe people have the right to control their technology, and oppose the use of technology to control people.

Find out more by visiting the Open Rights Group website.


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