Sandwich board sign saying: 'Now Hiring'

Welcome to Your New Job

I am writing this post at the end of an eventful week in my life.

On Tuesday, the first day of autumn, I got up early and caught a train to London to start a new job working as a Product Lead for Helpful Technology, a company which specialises in digital communications and engagement. The company was set up by former civil servant Steph Gray, who I first met back in 2010-11, when I was working for FutureGov. As well as helping Whitehall departments become more confident with digital, Helpful Technology also works with charity and not-for-profit organisations.

Like anyone starting a new job, I was filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement. To make matters worse, I couldn’t get The Futureheads’ First Day out of my head.

Fortunately, I somehow managed to shake-off The Futureheads by the time I arrived at Helpful’s offices in Clerkenwell to meet my new manager. And even if I didn’t quite manage to project an image of calm, easygoing intelligence I think I did okay. I’m pleased to report everyone at Helpful has been very friendly and, yes, helpful. As the week has moved on I have found myself becoming more relaxed and settling into life at Helpful.

At the moment I am working for Helpful as a contractor for three days a week, combining a day commuting to London with working from home on the other two days. As someone who first started his career in local government, I still find it a bit strange to be working in such a flexible way. For now, though, I am going with the flow and trying to enjoy the benefits that come with the flexibility, such as being able to organise last night’s great Open Rights Group Birmingham meetup.

It’s been a great first week and I feel I am learning a lot from working alongside the team at Helpful, which I will aim to share in future posts. But for now, I am heading off to relax and recover. Enjoy your weekend.


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