I am an experienced marketing and communications professional with a passion for digital technology and improving social outcomes.

I am currently working as a freelance digital communications specialist after holding strategic roles in the public, private and charity sectors. You can find out more about my career to date over on LinkedIn.

Outside of work, I am a keen blogger, social media user and campaigner. I use this blog to explore a range of issues, both professional and personal. You can expect to see posts on:

  • Public policy
  • Digital rights
  • Innovation (both tech innovation and social)
  • Politics, particularly my experiences as a Labour Party member and activist
  • Photography
  • Goings on in Birmingham and my home neighbourhood of Bournville
  • Cats

You can normally find me on Twitter, @francisclarke. I am on Facebook, just about, but I tend to use the network sparingly because, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, I can be an unsocial social media person.

As well as writing this blog, I also blog at Cats of the Campaign Trail, where I offer a sideways look at Labour Party politics at branch level in between documenting the cats I see whilst leafleting and doorknocking for Labour in Bournville.

I also manage communications for Bournville Social Media Surgery and Open Rights Group Birmingham. We are always looking for new supporters for both projects so please do think about coming along to one of our meet-ups if you can spare the time.


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